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fast business growthAre you a leader whose creative services business exploded and the momentum took off so fast that you didn’t have enough time to create a system to run your business to save you time and money? You’re working in ‘burn the midnight oil’ mode and need your life back.

startup business planningAre you in the start-up phase and just the thought of fast, business growth without having a solid plan gives you heart palpitations? You’re in ‘paralyzed planning’ mode and need a proven roadmap to success.

Or are you the leader who needs to improve your team’s productivity? Your team functions in ‘hair on fire’ mode and need help developing a system that repeats with success from one project to the next.

You are likely an expert in the creative industry, despite being an expert, you still need help carving out how to get work done.

Affinity Media Consulting helps businesses that provide creative services get work done by creating systems to save time and money. We are efficiency experts and we can help your team set up workflows that result in successful operations over and over again. We’ve helped creative agencies, magazine publishers, chefs, performing arts organizations and many other creative, service-related businesses. The needs of creative teams are unique and we know that because we have more than 20 years experience in the creative industry.

How can I determine if my business needs help getting work done? Ask yourself:

  1. Do your clients’ request often result in scope creep? (You’re losing money)
  2. Do you typically have more than three rounds of proof revisions? (You’re losing money)
  3. Does your team often miss deadlines? (Your clients are frustrated)
  4. Do your clients submit partial project info? (You do a lot of ‘hand-holding’ with your clients)
  5. Is there lots of stress in your work environment? (You have high turnover)
  6. Does your team often work longer hours or often take work home? (Your team members are actively searching for jobs now)

Equipped with more than 20 prolific years of creative project management and brand coaching, we help our clients save money and resources by adapting productive and cost-effective business strategies. We’d like to do the same for your business.

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Meet Our CEO

Vatrice Chestnut, the woman at the helm of Affinity Media Consulting, is an award-winning professional with more than 20 years of branding and project management knowledge and experience under her belt.

Work smart, not hard.

An advocate for achieving work-life balance, she encourages the culture of working smart so you can spend precious time with your loved ones. In the past, she realized that not dedicating more time to her older sons because of work was unfortunate for her family life. Through efficient work ethic, systematic solutions, and well-applied technology, she promotes a healthier and more balanced lifestyle for her team and clients today. 

Through Affinity Media Consulting, Vatrice is on a mission to help bring out the humanity in business by creating personalized connections between brands and their clients. 

How We Help

Work Efficiently.

How can I determine if my business needs help getting work done? Ask yourself:

  1. Do my clients’ request often result in scope creep? (You’re losing money)
  2. Does my team typically provide more than three rounds of proof revisions to clients? (You’re losing money)
  3. Does my team often miss deadlines? (Your clients are frustrated)
  4. Do my clients submit partial project info? (You do a lot of ‘hand-holding’ with your clients)
  5. Is there lots of stress in our work environment? (You have high turnover)
  6. Does my team often work longer hours or often take work home? (Your team members are actively searching for jobs now)

The importance of managing workflow and customer expectations cannot be overstated. Developing a repeatable system can transform your operations from ‘hair on fire’ to ’well-oiled machine’ mode. This transformation can also make it possible to scale your business. The first place we begin is by examining your needs, situation and capabilities as a business. Where are you now, and where would you like to be in the future? What technology and staff do you currently have available? Each client’s journey is unique to their operations and we are able to easily customize our approach for each client. People + process + technology=efficient work. 

When we help you, look forward to seeing these benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: You could be losing 20 to 30 percent of revenue each year due to inefficiencies in processes.
  • Happier staff: Team members no longer have to waste time on mind-numbing repetitive work or work longer hours to meet workload demands.
  • Higher ROI: By improving efficiency, accuracy, and meeting deadlines, you meet your goal of a higher return on investment.
  • More time for creativity: By developing systematic processes, there’s more time for coming up with ‘wow factor’ concepts.
  • Continuous process improvement: Technology will allow you to generate reports that give you better visibility into how to improve your processes.

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Build a Better Brand.

Are you constantly trying to effectively reach your target audience by… 

• adding new design elements to your website? 

• creating new brochure designs or email campaigns? 

• developing more products/services? 

If you find yourself ‘spinning the creative wheel’ often, it’s likely you need to Build a Better Brand by defining your offer and ensuring it meets the needs of your target audience[s], identifying your target audience[s] and stakeholders. Your brand is more than a logo. It’s the visuals, language and personality that defines your organization. Your brand is your essence and your voice. Think of your brand’s vocabulary as the vehicle to tell the your organization’s story. Since that story is the backbone of your audience’s perception, the vocabulary needs to be molded and nurtured.

But how do you determine what your voice should be?

At Affinity Media Consulting, we are committed to building and strengthening your brand. With close collaboration with brand owners and representatives, we craft the identity of the brand and make sure it resonates with its target market. We achieved branding success with SourceAmerica, American Psychological Association, Birmingham City Council, AIDS Alabama, MABAG magazine, Camp Sonshine, Foundation for Progress in Journalism, Builders Home Showcase magazine, OnePlate America, SoundXpressed Dance Company, nonprofit organizations and trade associations. We focus on in-depth brand development process and personalized brand coaching to help business owners like you. We help you identify your target market and develop your brand personality to connect more effectively with your ideal clients. We can work on this in-person or remotely through video coaching sessions for convenient and faster integration. We look forward to helping you build a better brand so you can save time, money and energy when you entrust your brand development to us.

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Let’s work together towards your business success.

Each service package we offer is flexible and customizable based on your needs. We care about nurturing professional relationships with our clients so we strive to keep you comfortable in your working arrangement with us. Our goal is to grow with you in your journey so you have a helping hand when you need it and to ensure that we work within your budget.

Brand Agency Membership

This membership offers your business ongoing support with custom graphics that consistently match your brand standards. Find an agency partner who always meets your deadlines. Feel proud of the look of your brand and rest assured you have a brand ambassador partner. Graphic services include: print, digital and event graphics. Memberships start at $397 per month.

Done for You Service

A team leader’s dream package – we handle everything from A to Z. We guarantee that no time will be wasted in trial and error and DIY solutions. We have perfected a system that works and all you need to do is watch the results roll in. We offer this on a fixed term of six or 12 months and can be easily renewed. Package rates start at $1500 per month.

Build a Better Brand Coaching Service

Affinity Media provides Build a Better Brand coaching services through online programs and in-person consultations/workshops. Coaching packages include modules, downloadable materials, best practices and technology recommendations. The online coaching program is designed to let you learn at your own pace and have the guidance of a coach. The 8-week coaching can be online or in-person. Contact us for more information.

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Clients Love Working with Us

Affinity Media Consulting is a bonafide graphic design company with a real penchant for completing projects on time and on budget. Even when adjustments had to be made for the Birmingham Diversity Summit or collateral materials for the Birmingham Venture Club, the staff remained calm by drawing on her years of experience and creative resourcefulness.—Ed F., Chief Strategist, City of Birmingham

The branding workshop of Affinity Media Consulting was very valuable to us as a team. We have a three-member team with three distinct different perspectives and favor three distinct target audiences. This workshop helped us catalog the goals, needs, and message in a way that was clear, concise and collaborative, which ensured everyone was heard and all the audiences received the appropriate attention and messaging. The workshop is intense and messy at first, but the creative, open-ended process is brought together in a useable spreadsheet. We refer to the spreadsheet over and over again when creating content and messages for adverts, emails, and communications with the world. —Charissa G., SourceAmerica

Affinity Media Consulting has helped me so much during my brand development process. Vatrice’s methods are well thought out and most importantly, THEY WORK! I would highly recommend her expertise for anyone building or revamping their business.—Sherrian T., small business owner

Vatrice, of Affinity Media Consulting, is an extremely savvy businesswoman who completely excels in the area of professionalism. She does many things well, which is a rare talent. Her design expertise is phenomenal. Highly recommended.—Maria H., former Copy Chief at Cooking Light magazine

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